A Message to Prospective House Staff

All of us at The Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center are committed to maintaining the highest standards of scholarship and teaching, and to the delivery of excellent and compassionate medical care to all we serve. These goals are reflected in every aspect of the training experience we offer to our house officers.


Xổ số lượng tử hôm nayHouse staff at Brookdale have an extraordinary opportunity to learn about and treat a wide array of diseases and medical conditions. The hospital cares for patients from Brooklyn, Queens and the nearby Long Island suburbs, and does so regardless of ability to pay.  The health care of this community, which encompasses a wide range of racial, religious, national and socioeconomic groups, is the prime clinical mission of our hospital.


In carrying out our dual commitments of educating Residents and meeting the health needs of our neighbors, the Brookdale philosophy is essentially Hippocratic. In all of our educational and clinical undertakings, whether at the bedside or in an ambulatory setting, we believe that medical knowledge is best formulated on the basis of patient observation and experience.


Because training is central to our mission, every effort is made to provide hands-on clinical experience, as well as didactic teaching.  Our Attendings work closely with house officers. Indeed, respondents in a recent survey of house staff cited this high level of collegiality and mentoring as outstanding and among the most important factors in making their educational experience at Brookdale a highly satisfying one.


Xổ số lượng tử hôm nayBrookdale also encourages and supports research in all its medical disciplines. As an integral part of our teaching program, house officers participate in these projects and so learn research techniques that adhere to rigorous scientific and governmental standards.


Xổ số lượng tử hôm nayPlease feel free to visit our institution. Members of our staff are available to help you complete the interview process and to answer questions and provide further guidance with regard to your postgraduate medical education.


I extend to you my sincerest personal good wishes for a successful career in your chosen profession.


Lourdes Goldenberg

Xổ số lượng tử hôm nayDirector, Academic Affairs and Associate DIO